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March 18, 2022 at 3:24:04 PM PDT March 18, 2022 at 3:24:04 PM PDTth, March 18, 2022 at 3:24:04 PM PDT

Industrial Computers

We spotlighted industrial computers on our WDL Systems homepage and social media channels for the last two weeks. Our selection of hardened computers designed to power Edge applications handle the challenges of industrial settings, provide processing power to manage massive amounts of data, and supply the wide variety of interfaces needed to communicate with multiple networks, sensors, and machines.

Edge devices are positioned close to endpoints to receive data, process it on the spot, and then relay only what is required to the Cloud. The Edge device speeds response time, and reduces the latency caused by passing information to the Cloud and waiting for return instructions. Industrial computers power Edge devices in autonomous mobile robots; autonomous vehicles; machine condition monitoring systems; vision analytics systems for safety, tracking, and product sorting; IIoT Gateways; and in many many other applications.

Connect Tech

We took a look at two NVIDIA® Jetson based systems from Connect Tech. Connect Tech manufactures carrier boards for NVIDIA Jetson modules and fully integrated systems based on NVIDIA modules. As NVIDIA's largest Jetson ecosystem partner, they are well known for minimizing customers’ overall application development time. The Rudi-AGX featuring the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier™ module really stands out for its remarkable attention to thermal management. The Jetson AGX Xavier boasts a Volta GPU with 512 CUDA cores and 64 Tensor cores, and AI performance up to 32 TOPs, but all that power generates a lot of heat! The Connect Tech Rudi-AGX is designed to efficiently dissipate the heat with an integrated passive cooler and will not throttle performance within the operating temperature range when running in 30W mode with 0 CFM airflow, or with 125 CFM airflow at MAX-N.

Smart cities, autonomous vehicles,and robots are all easy applications for the Rudi-AGX from Connect Tech. It is an out-of-the-box solution for handling all your sensors and running your AI program at Maximum Performance while maintaining a safe operating temperature. Powered by NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™



The Rudi-NX featuring the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX™ module brings you the impressive performance of 384 CUDA Cores, 48 Tensor Cores, and 2 NVDLA engines. Like the Rudi-AGX, it provides a large number of interfaces including multiple vision inputs. If you have a vision heavy application that requires lower power consumption or a smaller price tag than the Rudi-AGX, the Rudi-NX is your answer.


The Rudi-NX from Connect Tech is an Edge AI supercomputer powered by NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX. With up to 21 TOPS of performance it is perfect for compute intensive applications like processing high resolution data from multiple sensors. Expansive out-of-the-box connectivity! Lower power consumption at 15W.

ADLINK Technology

ADLINK Technology is a leading manufacturer of Edge AI solutions. ADLINK products bring high computing power and extensive I/O to the dirtiest, hottest, and dustiest environments. 

We started with a look at the Matrix MXC-2300, one member of the ADLINK Matrix line of expandable fanless embedded computers for Edge and Edge AI computing applications. The Matrix series is designed for durability, ease of integration, and functional expansion for application-specific hardware such as frame grabbers, data acquisition boards, and motion control cards. The Matrix Series provides a range of computing power and graphics from PCIe graphics to MXM GPU. 

The Matrix MXC-2300-3S from ADLINK Technology is a fanless embedded computer with minimal power consumption, exceptional 3D graphics, powerful media acceleration, rich I/O and abundant features! It is robust and reliable for high performance in compute intensive settings. In Stock!

ADLINK also brings to market the DLAP series of Edge AI computers that are specifically designed to perform sophisticated inferencing and pattern-matching at the edge. The DLAP series combine the computing power of CPUs and GPUs for heterogeneous computing, and are optimized for a wide range of performance, budget, power consumption, and space considerations. 

The ADLINK DLAP series Deep Learning Acceleration Platforms (DLAP) from ADLINK. Intel CPUs manage massive data, NVIDIA GPUs accelerate parallel task processing. Heterogeneous computing for image rendering, image analysis, compute acceleration, AI, & machine learning.


The ROScube from ADLINK is a computing platform designed specifically for robotic applications using ROS 2. ROS (Robotic Operating System) is an open source set of software libraries, tools, and conventions for building robot applications. It is ubiquitous in the world of robots, utilized for everything from Roombas to NASA’s Curiosity Rover. The ADLINK Neuron SDK provides an optimized ROS 2 core, and comprehensive I/O enables a wide variety of sensors and actuators for robotic applications.

You can build Autonomous Mobile Robots that navigate independently, planning the best routes to complete missions from warehouse to factory floor without the need for external guidance! The ROScube from ADLINK is a ROS2 ready platform for AMR design and deployment. 


Kontron provides a full portfolio of hardware, software, and support services for IoT and Edge computing technology. Their KBox family is an industrial IoT-ready series of Embedded Box PCs that are maintenance free, highly flexible, and upgradeable. The Kbox A-150-WKL with 8th generation Intel Core U processors is very compact at 50 x 180 x 134mm for use in the smallest spaces, and offers interfaces and expansion offerings that make it ideal for process control, industrial firewalls, and IIoT gateway applications.

The Kontron KBox industrial computers are compact, rugged, and fanless for easy installation and long life. The new KBOX A-150-WKL features high performance Whiskey Lake Intel processors, flexible DIN rail mounting options, and extensive interface and expansion options for IIoT applications.


ICOP Technology

ICOP Technology manufactures industrial computers, computers-on-module, and Panel PCs for Edge and embedded applications including automation and monitoring. Their commitment to high quality and high integration saves customers money and development time. The ICOP Technology EBOX-iMX8MM features the NXP i.MX8M Mini processor with Yocto Linux and Android software support. NXP Arm processors are gaining popularity in Edge applications where scalability, security, and energy efficiency are critical. The NXP i.MX8M Mini provides advanced neural network processing, graphics, machine vision, video, audio, and voice. The EBOX-iMX8MM realizes the power of the quad-core processor in a compact 115 x 115 x 35mm footprint. 

The EBOX-IMX8MM from ICOP Technology features the NXP i.MX8M Mini Quad-Core 1.6GHz ARM Cortex-A53 processor.  Industrial Linux Computer ideal for industrial control, transportation, automation, or IIoT Gateway. Abundant interfaces for sensor and machine connectivity. VESA mount. DIN Rail support optional. In Stock.

If you are curious about embedded PCs and want to learn more, check out our blog What To Expect From An Embedded PC.

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