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Connect Tech & NVIDIA #2

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Kathleen Conroy
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September 24, 2021 at 11:38:00 AM PDT September 24, 2021 at 11:38:00 AM PDTth, September 24, 2021 at 11:38:00 AM PDT

We exhibited with Connect Tech this week at Sensors Converge in San Jose. Connect Tech has a beautiful booth set up. When you see their design for displaying their products for NVIDIA® Jetson modules, you can tell this is a team of people who pay painstaking attention to every detail!

It is that careful attention to detail that makes Connect Tech products such a delight to work with and to sell. Connect Tech understands the needs of the Jetson community, and they engineer specifically to accommodate their requirements.

Take the OrbittyBox! I'm inserting an extra picture so that you can check out the two piece construction that makes installation and assembly simple. No matter the size of your fingers, you can access the interior of the OrbittyBox to install your Orbitty, NVIDIA Jetson TX2 module, and an active heat sink. And it is very compact at 3.75” x 2.48” x 2.3". Talk about frustration free packaging! 

Enclose your Orbitty-based project & deploy a complete packaged NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 system with the OrbittyBox from Connect Tech Inc. Two piece construction for easy installation & assembly. Fits Orbitty, TX2 module, and active heat sink.

The Boson for FRAMOS carrier board is another great example of Connect Tech’s attentive engineering. It is very compact at 3.54” x 2.95”, and it is designed to allow direct camera integration to the carrier board. That eliminates the need for an adapter board and decreases the overall height of your hardware stack.

Boson for FRAMOS from Connect Tech maximizes sensor inputs and storage solutions for high-end vision applications. Compatible with NVIDIA® Jetson™ Xavier™ NX, Nano, or TX2 NX. Connect up to 4x 2-lane or 3x 4-lane MIPI FRAMOS Camera Modules for a ready-to-deploy vision system!

A large number of Jetson deployments are small and lightweight, think drones; or space-constrained, think car glove-box. Connect Tech has consistently engineered carrier boards that deliver the features the Jetson community desires in form factors they require. The Quark is no exception at a mere 3.25″ x 2.31″. And it packs a rich I/O set including 1x USB 3.1, 2x GbE, 2x 2-lane MIPI CSI-2, 1x USB OTG, 1x SD card slot, 3x 3.3V UART, 2 x I2C, 1x CAN 2.0b, 1x SPI, and positive locking IO connectors for rugged environments. 

We 💚 the Quark! It is an ultra small and feature rich carrier board for the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX, Nano, and TX2 NX. And you can swap Jetson modules as needed!

Whenever I mention the Rudi-AGX around the office, our Chief Tech Geek, Donnie Springfield, will sigh and say, “I love the Rudi-AGX.” Connect Tech has been engineering for the embedded world for 30 years, and they tapped that expertise to design a passively cooled system that does not overheat even when you run the NVIDIA AGX Xavier™ at maximum performance. It is hard not to notice the striking fins that cool the Rudi-AGX so effectively!

The award winning Rudi-AGX from Connect Tech designed for sensor heavy applications! Directly connect eight GMSL cameras, expand storage with NVMe or SD card, and utilize a video capture card. Thermal optimization so you can run at Max-N at a safe temperature!

We wrapped up our product-of-the-day series this week by promoting Allied Vision and Connect Tech’s partnership. Allied Vision has a modular product concept to ensure that you get the right digital camera, the right lens, the right connectivity hardware, and the right software interface for your application. They have been great to work with as we get our heads around computer vision.

Take advantage of Allied Vision and Connect Tech’s partnership to add vision to your Edge AI application with hardware that has already been tested and verified to work together! Alvium Cameras feature MIPI CSI-2 connectivity, color or monochrome, rolling or global shutter, onboard image processing. Connect Tech offers a variety of carriers for NVIDIA Jetson GPU modules.

We saw two great videos this week! The first was an interview with Joe Speed, ADLINK Field CTO, from IMTS in Chicago in 2018. Don’t roll your eyes at me about that date. Joe is a dynamic speaker and when he delivers a zinger of a definition like Edge Computing "puts the horsepower where the data is created", I am going to share it! Joe is also a dynamic tweeter, and I encourage you to follow him on Twitter. He’s @JoeSpeeds.

My other video of the week is a new corporate video from Connect Tech that celebrates the Connect Tech and NVIDIA partnership. This is a great look at Connect Tech’s commitment to the Jetson community and their extensive product offerings for NVIDIA Jetson modules. Check it out! 

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