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New Offerings for the IIoT Featured February 21 - March 4

The week we featured new products that bring the functionality of the Internet of Things into the world of machine to machine connectivity.

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Featured August 23 to 27

I’ve been thinking a lot about my smart gas range, which is magically ready to receive directions from me, via my cell phone, no matter where I am. With the tap of my finger I can check that we didn’t walk out and leave a burner on or I can preheat the oven. My range’s presence on the Internet of Things (IoT) allows me to monitor and control it from anywhere.

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Featured July 26 to 30

This week we featured systems from ADLINK designed specifically for robotics and Edge AI applications. Then we dove into the world of IIoT, featuring LoRa solutions from MultiTech, a high throughput embedded module from TQ, and a wireless IIoT module from Tibbo.

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