Tooting Our Own Horn

February 7 - 11, 2022

Written by
Kathleen Conroy
Published on
February 10, 2022 at 2:25:08 PM PST February 10, 2022 at 2:25:08 PM PSTth, February 10, 2022 at 2:25:08 PM PST

We did a little cheerleading for our own brand this week! WDL has made a whole slew of website improvements and enhancements recently, and we’ve grown our sales staff, so it seemed like a great week to pause and celebrate our work!


We rolled out our WDL Systems Blog in July 2021, and we’ve been steadily adding content. Our weekly focus is on overviews of our Products of the Day. We also provide deeper technology overviews (see our blogs on COM Express, SMARC, Embedded PCs , IIoT devices, and Legacy Devices) and closer looks at current trends impacting the world of Edge AI and Industrial/Embedded Computing (Ongoing Chip Shortages and Selling What’s On The Truck.)

WDL Systems’ Blog is now accessible from the top and bottom navigation bars on our website. Check it out! We write it to educate and inform on all the great products we carry for Edge, IIoT, and AI applications. We also share success stories, ponder technical mysteries, and occasionally pontificate on tech news.

New Employees

When the phone is ringing off the hook and everyone’s email boxes are overflowing, it is time to get more help! A tremendous amount of consideration has to go into hiring new employees. We have a small tight-knit staff, and the majority of our folks have been here over 25 years, so we had to find people who would gel with our team. And our management team had to feel confident that our increasing sales would be able to support an increased team size for the long-term. WDL is feeling optimistic about the economy and the continued growth of the Edge AI and Industrial marketplace, so we are thrilled to welcome 2 new members to our sales team!

We are super excited to welcome Alicia Landis and Corena Owens to the WDL Systems sales team. Interest in our unique mix of Edge AI and industrial computing solutions is at an all time high. Alicia and Corena have joined us just in time!

Cool Products

Our products are at the heart of our success and we are awfully proud of how we display them on our website! Over the last twelve months, we’ve worked hard on some back-end processes to improve the customer experience on our website. Most noticeable is the speed at which our site now loads. We have trimmed many seconds off page loading speed by optimizing Javascripts usage and disabling unnecessary site features.

We’re working to make our site more accessible, primarily by retroactively adding alt image tags to every image. It’s a big job with over 5,000 parts, so it is a still-in-progress job! But we want everyone to find their visit to our site worthwhile!

We are continuing to clean up and refine our shopping categories. This year we added categories for Embedded Cameras, GPS, LoRaWAN, and CBRS private LTE as we realized those offerings were getting lost in other categories. It is an art to classify thousands of items into groups that will make sense to a majority of your web users! We know we might not have done it perfectly, so feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions!

Our website has lots and lots of pictures. And, yes! We heard you loud and clear that you want pictures of all the cables on our website! We are working on it! More pictures go up every day!

WDL System’s website offers product pictures, spec sheets, price and availability information, and related products! Everything we could think of to help you get your AI, Industrial IoT, Edge and Embedded Computing projects from development to deployment!

Cool Features

We want our e-commerce customers to have a great user experience on our site! Once customers log in to the website, they have complete access to the details of their shopping and credit history, as well as their wishlists, technical support cases, and returns. 

Our website offers registered users unlimited access to their purchase & credit history, wishlist, tech support cases, & returns. We’ve been providing great customer service for 30+ years, and we're proud to carry that commitment on to our ecommerce site!

You can follow us on Social Media (use the links below) or check our homepage daily to see our Products of the Day. We will be back next week with our regularly scheduled Featured Products!