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Single Board Computers and System on Modules

ICOP offers Single Board Computer and System on Module solutions featuring X86 and ARM processors. ICOP is dedicated to the long-term continuation of legacy I/O and OS support, and their series of Vortex86DX3 SBCs in traditional PC/104, Half-size ISA card, ETX, and ITX form factors promise 10+ years Life-Cycles.

Typical applications include industrial and home automation, telecommunication, mobile surveillance, environmental monitoring, medical monitoring, facility management systems, intelligent transportation systems, automated parking control systems, gaming systems, and point of sale systems.

Single Board Computers

PC/104 Single Board Computers

ICOP manufactures x86 based PC/104 boards with options for SATA, VGA, LVDS, TFT-LCD, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, USB, Parallel, GPIO, CAN, ADC, LAN, IDE, and CF cards.

3.5" Single Board Computers

ICOP x86 based 3.5" SBCs support PC/104, PCI-104, and Mini PCIe expansion with options for serial, LAN, USB, SPI, GPIO, CAN, Audio, SATA, IDE, Micro SD, and CF cards.

Tiny Single Board Computers

ICOP x86 based Tiny Single Board Computers are designed specifically for space limited applications. They feature a variety of I/O options and connectors.

Half-Size ISA Single Board Computers

ICOP half-size SBCs with legacy ISA interface support USB, LPT, COM, GPIO, GLAN, VGA, LVDS, TFT-LCD, Audio and PS/2 Touch.

ITX Single Board Computers

ICOP Em-ITX and PICO-ITX SBCs featuring Vortex86DX3 SoC and a variety of I/O for a small form factor, fully functional stand alone SBC.

NUC Single Board Computer

ICOP NUC Single Board Computer based on Apollo Lake is designed for ultra-compact embedded systems with a variety of I/O options.


Systems-on-Module - ICOP Proprietary

ICOP defined form factor module with a variety of I/O support to speed development.

Systems-On-Module Standard Form Factors

System-On-Modules in the ETX form factor with the Vortex86DX3 processor

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