BiZright Technology specializes in Industrial IoT and Edge Computing. They have been building Industrial Internet of Things gateways around the Open Source Raspberry Pi architecture since 2015. The Raspberry Pi project board is popular for IoT gateway applications thanks to its low power requirements and community driven open source software. While its rich feature set is attractive, Raspberry Pi has limitations in industrial settings. High noise and vibration environments make it unsuitable for use as an IoT gateway. BiZright Technology, with their years of experience in open-source hardware and industrial settings, has solved these problems with careful attention to power and heat. The BH3 is deployable in mission critical applications, where it can operate continuously with no human intervention, minimizing service calls and optimizing cost of ownership.

The BH3 IIoT Gateway

The BH3 IIoT Gateway is a general-purpose industrial gateway box based on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and complies with the basic specifications and I/O of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. The OS is based on Raspbian, so programs that run on the Raspberry Pi will work directly on the BH3.

The BH3 features a durable enclosure with excellent heat dissipation and adds frame ground capability, which reduces noise in GPIO signaling. A watchdog timer ensures the BH3 operates continuously without human assistance. An uninterrupted power supply improves system stability and protects the microSD card from damage by allowing time for a safe shutdown in the event of power loss.