WDL Systems Proudly Distributes: ICOP


ICOP Technology is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial embedded computers, industrial embedded controllers, industrial motion controllers, and industrial panel PCs used in the automation of numerous control systems. Typical applications for ICOP Technology products include: industrial automation, telecommunication, mobile surveillance, environmental monitoring, medical monitoring, facility management systems, intelligent transportation systems, automated parking control systems, gaming systems, and point of sale systems.

ICOP products include:

Embedded Computing

Industrial IoT

  • Automation: VDX3-6755 SBC with EtherCAT connectivity, VDX-6354RD SBC


  • Box PC:EB Series Box PC and Chassis, iBPC Box PC
  • Industrial PC: iBPC, eBOX-104 Rugged Enclosure
  • Panel PC: PINT-090T-APL, PPC-090T-APL, LCD-AU 15" TFT, PPC-104T, PRTD-090T, PDX3-090T, PPC-104T, HMI-043T Open Frame PPC TFT, VOX-104-TS

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