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WDL Systems Adds AMIT Wireless

WDL Systems offers the AMIT Wireless MDG200 modem, a simple solution for adding 4G/LTE to any device with an mPCIe or M.2 socket.

INSYS Icom Launches New MIRO Router

The MIRO router is a highly compact, durable, easy to use 4G LTE router at an attractive price point. Ideal for use in automatic dispensing machines and digital signage solutions.

WDL Systems Adds BiZright Technology

WDL Systems introduces a new open-source hardware option, the BiZright BH3, for collecting and managing data from sensors, improving industrial analytics for your enterprise.

WDL Systems Adds Allied Vision

WDL Systems and Allied Vision are teaming up to bring Edge AI developers new options for embedded vision with a range of Allied Vision’s industrial Alvium cameras.

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