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WDL Systems partners with INSYS icom and Paessler AG for improved technology monitoring of industrial infrastructures with PRTG Network Monitor

WDL Systems proudly distributes secure, cost-efficient and future-proofed industrial routers from INSYS icom for the Industrial IoT (IIoT). WDL Systems is now proud to announce a new relationship with Paessler AG, an innovator in technology monitoring of industrial IT infrastructures who is newly partnered with INSYS icom, an expert in industrial data communications.

With the combination of their solutions, the monitoring specialist, Paessler, and the industrial gateway manufacturer, INSYS icom, offer a practical possibility to successfully merge IT and the production environment.

Paessler's PRTG monitoring solution platform now incorporates more extensive data insights from both traditional technology systems and operational technology (OT) devices to better manage the modern industrial IT environment. The technology monitoring specialist has developed a new sensor to capture data from IoT devices and has signed a new partnership with INSYS icom to further improve the bridge between operational technology on the factory floor and the IT systems across the wider business.

Typically, OT, such as industrial or distributed control systems, remote terminal units, production machines, and industrial PCs, has been self-contained, with little need to connect or interact with the outside world. But, with the increasing digitalization of the industrial world and the addition of IoT technology, there is now an increased need for a more holistic approach to monitoring IT and OT systems and devices to better manage production processes and day-to-day industrial operations.

As a result, Paessler has developed a new MQTT Subscribe sensor to capture up to five different metrics from any MQTT connected device, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, or illuminance.

Data from the new MQTT Subscribe sensor feeds into Paessler's PRTG platform allowing organizations to have much greater insights into the conditions in which their technology is operating. This enables them to better identify potential issues and undertake preventative maintenance before real problems occur which could halt production. The new sensor works alongside Paessler's existing MQTT Statistics and MQTT Round Trip sensors, to ensure messages are being transmitted and connections are being maintained. MQTT notifications enable PRTG to publish messages, enabling a two-way communication between the IT and the OT world. IoT devices can subscribe to these messages and even be controlled by them.

Data from devices such as INSYS icom Smart Machinery Gateway, which gathers data on the edge and covers many different Industrial IoT (IIoT) messaging protocols including Modbus RTU, Codesys, Siemens S7, and Siemens Logo, now feeds into Paessler's PRTG, allowing better insights across a wider range of operational technology such as PLCs or HVAC systems.

"As the worlds of operational and information technology merge, there is a much greater need for integration and a more holistic view of how enterprise systems and machines are working independently and together," said Steven Feurer, CTO at Paessler. "Our innovations and our partnership with INSYS icom allow us to give organizations much greater insights into how critical systems, applications and machines are performing, allowing them to identify potential issues and undertake preventative measures before they become major problems."

"The Paessler solution perfectly integrates with our devices, bringing the worlds of IT and OT closer together. With Paessler, we found a partner from the IT world who understands the meaning of IT/OT convergence and enables customers to have a smooth transition into digitalization," said Kristian Haizmann, business development manager at INSYS icom.

To learn more about successful digitization in the production environment with the integration of Paessler's PRTG and INSYS icom, visit: www.paessler.com/partners/uptimealliance/insys-icom

For more information about industrial technology monitoring, including the integration of PRTG and INSYS icom, visit: www.paessler.com/industrial-it-monitoring.


“Merging OT and IT with INSYS icom and PRTG”, October 07, 2020 at 11A CEST, by Christian Gügel and Kristian Haizmann

Whether it’s IIoT, Industry 4.0, remote maintenance or retrofitting: production and IT are merging together. IT/OT convergence is the buzzword and basic prerequisite for successful digitization in the production environment. INSYS icom gateways are the door-openers for PRTG to map data from the IoT and IIoT environments, which otherwise would not be accessible via classic IT protocols.

In this webinar, Paessler (monitoring specialists) and INSYS icom (a manufacturer of industrial gateways) will show practical use cases for the application of both solutions, as well as what the integration into a holistic monitoring concept in PRTG could look like. Join this 45-minute webinar and get a technical walk-through of monitoring production and IT in one solution.

Register for an On-Demand Recording of this INSYS icom / PRTG Webinar

About Paessler AG
In 1997 Paessler revolutionized IT monitoring with the introduction of PRTG Network Monitor. Today over 300,000 IT administrators, in more than 170 countries, rely on PRTG to monitor their business-critical systems, devices and network infrastructures. PRTG monitors the entire IT infrastructure 24/7 and helps IT professionals to seamlessly solve problems before they impact users. Paessler is actively developing solutions to support digital transformation strategies and the Internet of Things.

Learn more about Paessler and PRTG at www.paessler.com.

About INSYS icom
Secure communication and networking of data in industrial applications - this is the INSYS icom core expertise. With its intelligent and powerful hardware and software solutions (Managed Devices and Services), machines, systems and other devices can be accessed remotely and their operating data transmitted. INSYS icom works every day with new passion to advance the process of digitalization and the realization of the industrial IoT. As a leading producer in the energy and water supply segment, INSYS icom is also well established as a premium partner in the fields of mechanical engineering and IT.

Learn more about INSYS icom and its gateways at www.insys-icom.com.

About WDL Systems:
WDL Systems is A Leading Source for AI, Industrial IoT & Edge Computing. Delivering outstanding products and service for over 30 years, WDL Systems distributes the latest technology for all embedded / industrial requirements and markets including: Military, Medical, Academic, POS, Development, Networking & Connectivity, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industrial Automation.

WDL Systems distributes a wide range of other embedded computing products and accessories, including: Single Board Computers, Computer on Modules, Blade Computing, Box PCs, Digital Signage & HMI, Panel PCs, Communications and M2M Devices, GPGPU Solutions, Edge AI, FPGA, Industrial Keyboards and Displays, Machine Vision, Test & Measurement, Automation, Robotics, Mobile Computers, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and IoT Gateway Devices, Motherboards, Power Solutions, Embedded Software, Industrial DRAM and SSD.

Learn more about solutions from WDL Systems at: www.wdlsystems.com. E-mail: sales@wdlsystems.com. Phone: 800.548.2319.

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