Frequently Asked Questions


Can I place an order without creating an account?

WDL Systems requires you create an account prior to placing an order.

The item I want is Backordered, so why did you charge my card?

When you place an order using our ecommerce site, your card is authorized for the amount of the order. Funds are drafted from your account only when the order ships.

Why did I receive an email that my order has been canceled?

If you receive an email that your order has been canceled immediately after placing the order, WDL's payment processor halted the order for your protection. Please verify your billing address matches your credit card's billing address and try again.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, click on "Quantity Discounts Available" below the price on any item page to see the pricing schedule.

Do you offer education discounts?

WDL Systems offers educational discounts on select products for qualifying organizations. Please contact for further information.

Can I use my shipping account when I order?

Please send an email to immediately after placing your order. Include order number, shipping instructions, and shipping account number. A WDL sales rep will revise your order and confirm.

Can I place an order with terms on the WDL Systems website?

If your account has been granted Net 30 terms, you may select Invoice as a payment method. Please download and complete a credit application if you do not already have terms.

Technical Support:

What version of the NVIDIA JetPack SDK do Connect Tech Jetson carrier boards support? 

Connect Tech’s CTI-L4T Board Support Package adds support for Connect Tech NVIDIA® Jetson™ solutions to Linux4Tegra. It includes any extra files required to use all the features of the products. Connect Tech maintains a full list of Board Support Package release notes on their website. You can also subscribe to receive automatic notifications of updates to the Board Support Package. Visit to view the complete list by Jetson module and to join the mailing list.

What Connect Tech carrier boards are available for NVIDIA Jetson Orin products?

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin:

Connect Tech Forge

Connect Tech Rogue for AGX Orin

(Connect Tech also offers Anvil, a system featuring the AGX Orin module)

NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX

Connect Tech Photon

Connect Tech Boson

(Connect Tech also offers Polaris, a system featuring the Orin NX module)

NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano

Connect Tech Photon

Connect Tech Boson

Do I need to buy cables to use the Hadron carrier for Jetson Orin NX?

WDL Systems recommends, at minimum, the USB cable (WDL SKU 1CBG615R, MPN CBG615) , the LAN cable (WDL SKU 1CBG117R, MPN CBG117), and the power cable (WDL SKU 1CBG112R, MPN CBG112). These cables will allow you to apply power to the Hadron and connect it to essential equipment like your development system.

The USB 3.0 port on my Connect Tech Orbitty carrier board does not work.

You must install the CTI-L4T BSP. For this and all other questions related to the Connect Tech carrier boards for NVIDIA Jetson, visit

How do I install Windows/Linux on my ICOP (DMP) eBox with Vortex86 processor?

Programming guides and installation files for ICOP/DMP eBox products with Vortex86 are available here:

How do I install Yocto Linux/Android on my ICOP (DMP) eBox product with NXP i.MX 8M Mini processor?

Programming guides and installation files for EBOX-IMX8MM are available here:

Is there a comprehensive list of operating systems supported by ICOP SBCs, Panel PCs, and Box PCs?

Yes! This page also includes detailed information for Linux users on the default kernel version and the necessary steps to change the appropriate kernel package after the default operating system has been installed.

I have received my Innodisk EGPV-1101 M.2 to Single HDMI or DVI-D Module and EGPV-1101 HDMI Cable 30cm (WDL SKU: 1IEHD2CB). What is the loop at the end of the cable supposed to be used for?

"P3" is the drain wire for the shielding of the cable. The wire terminal should be connected to the chassis ground.

Is there any way to simplify choosing a power supply from the many options that Tri-M offers?

Yes! We use the Tri-M PC/104 Power Selector Guide to help our customers find the correct power supply.

How do I request technical support?

To request technical support, please create a new Support Case from your WDL Systems Account page.

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