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Your Assets Have A Lot to Tell You

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Kathleen Conroy
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September 21, 2023 at 8:39:32 AM PDT September 21, 2023 at 8:39:32 AM PDTst, September 21, 2023 at 8:39:32 AM PDT

The Benefits of IoT Solutions for Asset Connectivity  

Businesses often rely on visual inspection and manual reporting to monitor equipment status. Adding cellular connectivity brings those stranded assets online to provide rapid insight for operators and managers. Data from remotely monitored devices is a true asset to a business, providing just-in-time actionable insights for increased revenue and efficiency. You may have questions about transforming your equipment into IoT Devices. We have answers!

Why use a cellular modem to add IoT connectivity to an asset?

Public cellular networks provide LTE coverage across the world. Connecting to these existing networks with an LTE modem allows you to keep an eye on assets that are on the move, and to connect far flung assets outside of your own wired infrastructure. For on-site devices, you can eliminate the cost of building out and managing your own wired infrastructure by leveraging public cellular networks.

Why choose a MultiTech product?

MultiTech has been the leader in connected device technology for over 50 years. They manufacture reliable and high performing products in the USA. MultiTech has introduced industry-first and award-winning connectivity solutions, including software agnostic, open architecture connectivity products. They have also been the first to market with LoRaWAN certified sensors, AT&T approved LTE Cat M1 devices, and access devices for Private LTE/CBRS networks.

Why choose Dragonfly or Dragonfly Nano Cellular Modem?

Engineering a built-in or “module down” cellular connection is complex, expensive, and time consuming.​ PTCRB, Carrier, and FCC approvals costs can run up to $80,000 and take months to complete. And that does not include the cost and time required to create and maintain the design. These critical expenses are already taken care of with the MultiTech Dragonfly and Dragonfly Nano, which are fully certified and MNO approved end device cellular modems for rapid integration. Cellular options include 4G-LTE Cat 4, Cat 1, and Cat M1. These modems can be connected through a sturdy 40-pin board-to-board serial connector or via the micro-USB port.

Do you need an RF engineer to deploy the Dragonfly or Dragonfly Nano?

No! The Dragonfly and Dragonfly Nano modems eliminate the need for specialized cellular expertise, and are fully integrated, allowing you to save the development time and costs associated with chip-down solutions. And you avoid any costly approval process because MultiTech’s solutions come with PTCRB, Carrier, and FCC approvals.

How do you configure and connect the Dragonfly and Dragonfly Nano?

The Dragonfly and Dragonfly Nano are supported by MultiTech’s complimentary Connection Manager software. Connection Manager simplifies and eases the installation, configuration, and management of cellular connectivity in MultiTech cellular modems. Connection Manager eliminates the need to use time-consuming and difficult AT Commands, providing a faster and easier method to manage cellular modems. It ensures that IoT edge applications using cellular backhaul can always communicate with the Internet when needed by keeping the cellular connection ready for transmission.

What are some use cases for an embedded cellular modem?

- Electronic Data Logging Systems for Fleet Management: By embedding Dragonfly LTE modems in fleet vehicles, fleet managers can audit driver logs, manage fuel taxes, and track vehicles in real-time. The vehicle itself serves as the IoT device, eliminating the need for drivers to log data or rely on a separate app on their personal cell phones for reporting.

- Commercial Dishwashers for the Food Services Industry: Equipping commercial dishwashing machines with cellular connections enables automatic logging of detergent usage, ensures compliance with routine maintenance, and enables "just in time" deliveries of required chemicals.

- Pipeline and Fuel Tank Monitoring for the Oil and Gas Industry: IoT connectivity eliminates the need for manual monitoring of fuel tank levels and pipeline inspections. Instead of a guy with a clipboard physically visiting scattered sites every day, a cellular modem can provide real-time data without the need for extensive travel.

Dragonfly and Dragonfly Nano cellular modems transform assets into IoT devices across different industries such as agriculture, irrigation, transportation and logistics, building automation, mechanical room monitoring, infrastructure, energy, and environmental monitoring.

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