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WDL Systems offers Computer-on-Modules (CoMs) from leading manufacturers in the industry-standard form factors of COM-HPC, COM Express, SMARC, and Qseven. CoMs provide integrated processor, memory, and power management on a small PCB. Inputs and outputs like HDMI, LAN, CAN, USB, and audio are present on one or two high density connectors, which mate with a carrier board. Because carrier boards are significantly simpler to design than a fully custom computer, and can be tailored to fit specific applications, this two-board approach offers tremendous flexibility, reduces development time and risk, and ensures product longevity.

Computer-on-Module Types


COM-HPC is the newest CoM standard, and features Intel and AMD processors, the fastest network connections, and the greatest number of high-speed interfaces available in CoMs.

COM Express Type 6 Basic

COM Express Type 6 Basic is the most popular and widely used COM Express standard, in a 95mm x 125mm form factor. Available with the latest Intel and AMD processors.

COM Express Type 6 Compact

COM Express Type 6 Compact modules at 95mm x 95mm, feature low power consumption and are ideal for mobile applications. Available with the latest Intel and AMD processors.


SMARC is a small form factor, low power computer-on-module featuring ARM or Intel processors and a 314 pin edge connector.

COM Express Type 7

COM Express Type 7 is targeted to headless server-grade edge applications and is available with the latest AMD and Intel processors.

COM Express Type 10

COM Express Type 10 Mini is ideal for handheld devices with a compact 84mm x 55mm form factor and ultra-low power consumption.