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Embedded Vision Solutions from Allied Vision

Allied Vision provides high-performance, industrial-grade camera modules. The Alvium Camera Series offers easy hardware and software integration in embedded applications. Powered by the revolutionary ALVIUM® Technology, a unique System-on-chip designed by Allied Vision, the Alvium Camera Series deliver industrial performance to embedded vision with many benefits for system engineers.

MIPI CSI-2 Cameras

Alvium 1500 MIPI CSI-2 Cameras

MIPI CSI-2 cameras with CMOS sensor, ALVIUM image processing, rolling shutter or global shutter, wide sensor selection, and basic feature set.

Alvium 1800 MIPI CSI-2 Cameras

Advanced industrial MIPI CSI-2 cameras with CMOS sensor, ALVIUM image processing, rolling shutter or global shutter, and broad sensor selection.

GigE Vision Cameras

Alvium GigE Cameras

Compact GigE cameras powered by ALVIUM® Technology, with a comprehensive feature set and a broad sensor selection.

Alvium 5GigE Vision Cameras

High bandwidth 5GigE cameras powered by ALVIUM Technology, with many sensors to choose from.


High performance, compact form factor, S-Mount lenses, R-optimized or IR cut. Multiple field of view options available.

Watch and Learn

Allied Vision Alvium 1500 and 1800 cameras demonstrated and explained

Partner Information: Connect Tech

Connect Tech's carrier boards for the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ and Xavier™ come supplied with the necessary camera and sensor software to seamlessly integrate with Allied Vision Alvium 1800 and 1500 MIPI CSI-2 cameras. They have been tested and verified for ease of integration.

Rogue Carrier Board

Supports Jetson AGX Xavier. Full featured design for commercially deployable platforms.

Quark Carrier Board

Supports Jetson Xavier NX. Ultra small and feature rich for Edge applications.

Photon Carrier Board

Supports Jetson TX2 NX, Xavier NX & Nano. Designed for smart camera applications.