Industrial flash storage solutions, memory products, and Embedded Peripherals

Innodisk is an award-winning global provider of industrial-grade flash storage solutions, memory products, and embedded peripherals. All Innodisk products are designed and manufactured to meet the high-end technology industry's demands for stability, security, longevity, and ruggedness. Through meticulous testing and data analysis and stringent quality control, Innodisk is able to guarantee that their products will withstand the environmental demands and harsh operating conditions of industrial settings.

Products by Category

Industrial-Grade Flash Storage

Innodisk's flash storage products are highly reliable and stable and provide long life cycles. Innodisk offers the industry's widest selection of flash memory form factors and feature the most popular flash technologies.

Industrial-Grade DRAM Modules

Innodisk's industrial-grade DRAM is compliant with the United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810G, and DRAM modules all confirm to, or surpass, the JEDEC standard by 10mm for a firm attachment to the motherboard.

Industrial-Grade Embedded Peripherals

Innodisk's Embedded Peripherals are space-efficient expansion modules to provide LAN, PoE, CAN bus, DIO, serial ports, storage, RAID, and display functionality to systems using standard PC interfaces.