Kontron IIoT and Edge/Embedded Computing Solutions

Kontron designs, develops, and manufactures computer hardware for Industrial IoT and Embedded Computing applications. Kontron brings to market Computer-on-Modules in industry standard form factors such as COM Express and SMARC, as well as contributing significantly to these Open Standard Specifications. Additionally, Kontron is a global leader in the manufacture of Single Board Computers, Industrial Motherboards, as well as fully integrated industrial quality Box PCs, Panel PCs, workstations, and servers. 

Products by Category


Kontron COMs in industry standard COM Express, SMARC, Q7, and ETX form factors.

SBCs and Motherboards

Kontron SBCs and Motherboards in 3.5", Pico-ITX, Mini-ITX, and ATX formfactors.

Modular Computing Solutions

Kontron Modular Computing Solutions in CompactPCI, VME, VPX, PMC/XMC form factors.

Embedded Box PCs

Kontron industrial fanless Box PCs are maintenance-free solutions for embedded applications, process control, and automation.

Rack Mount Systems

Kontron KISS industrial grade rack mount systems are designed for high vibration and extreme temperature environments.

Ethernet Solutions

Kontron industrial grade ethernet solutions are designed for ease of configuration and use under a variety of environmental conditions.