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Artila Electronics manufactures ARM-based single board computers and system-on-modules, ultra-compact Linux box computers, serial-to-Ethernet embedded modules, and Remote I/O modules. Artila's products run embedded Linux, are programmed with standard tools and development environments, and easy-to-use. The Artila product line enables device manufacturers and system integrators to incorporate Ethernet connectivity, Web service and embedded computing into their products and solutions.

Artila Products

Linux ARM Box Computers

Intelligent IoT Gateways featuring ARM processors, embedded Linux, and diverse I/O. Interfaces include Ethernet, serial, USB, and digital I/Os. Ideal for data concentration and device gateways. Fanless and compact.

Linux ARM System-on-Modules

IoT device platforms featuring ARM SoC, memory and flash, and embedded Linux in compact sized modules with pin headers. These application-ready platforms are designed to reduce hardware and software development costs.

Linux ARM Single Board Computer

IoT device platform featuring NXP i.MX6ULL CPU, memory, flash, and embedded Linux on a compact single board computer with convenient PC style connectors. Accelerate IoT deployment while lowering development costs.

Programmable Automation Controllers

Arduino and ARM based Programmable Industrial IoT Gateways feature serial ports and digital In/Out connectivity for transmission of data to the cloud via Ethernet and WLAN. Ideal for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance. Rugged design for harsh environments.

Industrial Communication Gateways

The Aport series allows devices with serial ports to connect to wireless local area networks. It is the ideal choice for connecting legacy equipment including meters and sensors to WLAN. Minimizes upfront engineering investment by eliminating the need for the development of wireless LAN drivers.

Remote I/O Modules

The RIO series Modbus/TCP IO modules are easy-to-use, DIN-rail mountable, and web-ready. They support analog inputs, isolated digital inputs, and relay outputs. Allows for the easy creation of web-based applications to monitor and analyze data. Node-RED support helps customers take their IoT innovation to market faster.