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Arbor 60W AC/DC Adapter Kit
MPN: PAC-P060W-01/6940015850010P
ARBOR ELIT-1000/1100/1250/1200, 19V 2.5 DC Jack with locking
MPN: PAC-B065W-2 R1.1/6960310000001P
ARBOR ARES-1230/1500 12V 2.5 DC Jack with lock
MPN: PAC-P060W-04/6940015850013P
ARBOR 12V/5A, 60W AC/DC Adapter Kit
MPN: PAC-P060W-02/6940015850011P
ARBOR 19V/3.42A 65W AC/DC Adapter Kit for G105X
MPN: G1052 Power Adapter/5490100650272P
ARBOR 1880mAh 3-cell Internal Battery Pack for G105X
MPN: iBAT-1040//6910400310000P