ICOP Technology is a leading manufacturer of industrial computers, single board computers, embedded PC modules, and industrial panel PCs. ICOP's hardware solutions are ideal for automation and control applications. ICOP products feature the latest processor technology from Intel and NXP, as well as the DMP Vortex86 processor family for applications with legacy software and I/O requirements. 

We hope you Visited ICOP at CES 2023, Central Hall, Booth # 18947

ICOP's full line of industrial quality PanelPCs, Box PCs, and single board computers were on display at CES 2023. You could also check out ICOP's Quick-EtherCAT (QEC) demo. QEC is an Industrial-Arduino-based EtherCAT solution with a dual-core VortexEX2 processor to achieve hardware and software Real-time requirements.

Featured Products

9" Panel PC with NXP i.MX8M Mini

The PN8M-090T 9" Panel PC features the NXP i.MX8M Mini CPU, resistive touch screen, audio, WLAN and bluetooth

EBOX-IMX8MM with NXP i.MX8M Mini

The EBOX-IMX8MM features the NXP i.MX8M Mini CPU, 4 serial, 3 USB, HDMI, audio, WLAN and bluetooth

EBOX-iMX8MM - In Stock!

The EBOX-iMX8MM with 2GB RAM, 16GB eMMC MLC, Dual LAN, 2x RS-232, WIFI, Bluetooth, 0°C to 60°C. Android 9 & Yocto Ready.

9" Panel PC with Intel Braswell x5-E8000

The PBSW-090T 9" Panel PC features the Intel Braswell x5-E8000, resistive touch screen, audio, WLAN, M.2 slot support

EBOX-58E with Intel Braswell x5-E8000

The EBOX-58E features the Intel Braswell x5-E8000, 4 serial, 4 USB, HDMI, audio, WLAN, M.2 slot Support.

Products by Category

Industrial Panel PCs

Industrial touch panel PCs in a range of sizes, flexible I/O expansion, and rugged design.

Industrial Box PC

Fanless industrial PCs with x86 or ARM CPU and a robust aluminum housing.

Industrial SBCs and SOMs

SBCs and SOMs in a variety of traditional form factors with fully integrated x86 or ARM CPU.


High-quality peripherals for a variety of buses including PC/104, Mini-PCIe, Mini-PCI and IDE.

Memory Storage

Reliable memory storage in SATA DOM (MLC and SLC), IDE DOM, and CF Card form factors.