MultiTech communications solutions connect physical assets to the Industrial Internet of Things. Since 1970, MultiTech has designed and manufactured data communications equipment in the United States. Their products use the standards-based, open architecture, proven wireless technologies of LoRaWAN, cellular, and Private LTE to enable simple, adaptable connectivity between assets and applications.



Conduit Programmable Gateway

Conduit IP67

IP67 Conduit for Outdoor LoRa® Deployments

Conduit IP67 BaseStation

IP67 Conduit for Outdoor LoRa Deployments

Conduit AP

Access Point for LoRa Technology


rCell 100

Industrial Cellular Router for M2M and IoT

rCell 500

LTE Cellular Router for the European market

rCell 600

Private LTE OnGo CBRS Cat 12 Cellular Router

Modems and Bridges

MultiConnect Cell 100

Cellular Modem Series

MultiConnect microCell

LTE USB and Private LTE USB Cellular Modems

QuickCarrier USB-D

Industrial-Grade M2M Cellular Dongle

MultiConnect eCell

LTE Cellular to Ethernet Bridge

Embedded M2M Modems


Embedded Modem and System-On-Module

Dragonfly Nano

Embedded Modem and System-On-Module

SocketModem Cell

Cellular Embedded Modems


High Performance LoRa Modules


Low Power LoRa Modules

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