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MultiTech LoRaWAN Gateways and Sensors

MultiTech, leaders in the communications industry for over 50 years, offers a broad portfolio of LoRaWAN gateways, sensors, and end nodes. 

LoRa is an open-source and license-free wireless protocol that allows IoT devices to transmit sensor data to a gateway. LoRaWAN is a low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) protocol with exceptional range (up to 10 miles line of sight) and penetration that is ideal for connecting wireless, remotely located, and often battery-operated assets to a Network Server. 

This license-free IoT network technology allows thousands of battery-powered sensors and end nodes to send tiny amounts of data as regularly as configured to a Network Server. End node communication can be bi-directional, enabling software upgrades over the air. The use of wireless sensors and LoRaWAN Access Points makes it possible, and affordable, to collect operational data from currently unmonitored, or stranded assets that may be in extremely remote locations or located deep in buildings.

LoRaWAN Gateways

Conduit 300

Conduit 300 Programmable IoT Gateway for LoRa Deployments with mPower™ Edge Intelligence

Conduit AP 300

Access Point for Indoor LoRa Deployments with mPower™ Edge Intelligence

Conduit IP67 200

Compact IP67 Base Station for Outdoor LoRa Deployments

Conduit IP67 Base Station

IP67 Base Station for Outdoor LoRa Deployments


Conduit Programmable Gateway for industrial LoRa deployments

Conduit AP

Access Point for Indoor LoRa Deployments

LoRaWAN Sensors

Wireless Movement Sensors

Detect movement of critical assets.

Wireless Proximity Sensors

For door/window, dry contact and ultrasonic tank level monitoring.

Wireless Temperature Sensors

Detect ambient air temperature and humidity levels.

Wireless Leak Detection Sensors

Detect the presence of water or other liquids.

Wireless Push Button Sensors

Transmits alert to the wireless network on a button press event.

Wireless Industrial Sensors

For measurement of 4-20mA current loops and VM30 voltage.

LoRaWAN End Nodes


High Performance LoRa Modules


Low Power LoRa Modules

"LoRa 101: A Technical Introduction"

Lino Osegueda - MultiTech North America Director of Sales - delivered a technical introduction to LoRa at PCB Carolina 2022.

Presentation synopsis and Lino Osegueda biography.

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MultiTech's Full Suite of Products

MultiTech has a full product line of gateways, routers, modems and bridges designed to wirelessly connect you to your assets.