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ADLINK, the leader in machine vision industry, offers a full spectrum of frame grabbers, vision systems and smart cameras. Their products are compatible with most popular cameras and software and their carefully selected embedded components ensure long term availability.

Frame Grabbers and Video Capture Cards


PCI Express GigE Vision PoE+ Frame Grabbers


HDMI Video Capture Cards


SDI Video/Audio Capture Card

Camera Link

PCI Express PoCL Frame Grabber

IEEE-1394 (FireWire)

IEEE 1394b Frame Grabber

Vision Systems

EOS-1300 System

6th Gen Intel® Core™ Embedded Vision System


6th Gen Intel Core Configurable Vision System

Smart Cameras


Intel® Atom™ E3845 based Smart Camera with MVTec MERLIC


Intel Atom E3845 based Smart Camera

AI Vision Systems

EOS-iX000 Series

High performance AI GigE Vision System with NVIDIA® Quadro® GPU

EOS-i6000 Series

Compact AI GigE Vision Systems with NVIDIA Quadro GPU

AI Smart Cameras


NVIDIA Jetson TX2™ AI Smart Camera


NVIDIA Jetson TX2 AI Smart Camera with IP67